Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is the Chalice of my Blood

Excerpts from the book, A Guide to the New Translation of The Mass written by Edward Sri, S.T.D. and printed by Ascension Press in 2011.

While the previous translation of the Words of Institution referred to the cup of Christ’s blood, the new translation renders it chalice. “This is the chalice of my Blood” remains closer to Jesus’ actual words of institution, is a more accurate and more formal rendering of the Latin text of the Mass, and one that underscores the liturgical nature of this vessel.

This is no ordinary cup, but the Eucharistic cup that the Lord consecrated at the Last Supper. This most sacred of vessels has traditionally been called a chalice, and this is the term used in the new translation.

Along with these short weekly posts detailing some of the more obvious changes, I'm presenting an indepth look at the Mass. You can find it below the Written Assignments section in the right hand column.

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